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Sales & Lead Tracking

Recognize how users interact with your site and what you should improve on your website

Tracking of Phone Calls

Measure incoming phone calls from your ads with the help of

Tracking of your CRM

Connection to your CRM with all tracking interfaces, e.g. Hubspot

Chat Tool Tracking

Identify untapped potential and spark traffic growth

iFrame tracking

Don't be in the dark about which campaigns perform best


No more fear of data protection problems thanks to Google Consent Mode

Unlocking the Power of Google Tag Manager: A Comprehensive Guide for Digital Marketers

Google Tag Manager is a free platform that allows companies to manage tags and tracking code on their website. You can also use it to integrate marketing and analytics tools without having to make any changes to your code.

The platform is particularly useful if you use multiple tags and need to make regular changes to your code. Instead of manually updating the code each time, you can make these changes in Google Tag Manager and then implement them on your website.

Using Google Tag Manager has many advantages. Firstly, it allows you to load your website faster as all tags are managed in one central location and don’t need to be downloaded every time a page loads. Secondly, it allows you to manage your marketing and analytics tools more easily. For example, you can set up a tag for Google Analytics and then use it on all pages of your website without having to manually update the code each time. Thirdly, it allows you to better understand and use your data. You can set up tags for remarketing campaigns to track and optimize ad performance.

To use Google Tag Manager, you must first create an account and implement the Google Tag Manager code on your website. Once the code is set up, you can create and manage tags. You can also create rules to determine when a tag is triggered and set up custom variables to improve the performance of tags.

Overall, Google Tag Manager is a powerful platform that allows businesses to easily manage and optimize their marketing and analytics tools. If you use multiple tags and regularly make changes to your code, there’s no way around Google Tag Manager.

Are there holes in your tracking?

As Google Tag Manager Experts we are able to consult you and provide individual assistance in Tag Setups and implement your website tracking strategy which is aligned to your goals.
Q / A

Q & A

After an introductory meeting, we will get an overview of your Google Ads account and work with you to determine your objectives. We will then send you a non-binding offer. You can then sit back, relax and let us do the work. If your performance has not improved within 90 days, we will refund the costs.

The performance guarantee only applies to established companies that invest at least €10,000 per month in Google Ads. If your company wants to get started on Google with a lower budget, we can provide you with individual support outside of our special programme. Another basic requirement for the performance guarantee is that Google Ads must have been running continuously for at least 90 days. Find out more about the requirements for the special programme in a personal consultation. The offer only applies to new customers.

Your Google advertising budget is highly individual and cannot be generalised. If you do not have a predefined advertising budget, we will be happy to support you with a customised budget plan.

If we do not achieve the performance target agreed with you, we will refund 100% of the fees.

The administration fees will be refunded by SEPA bank transfer within 7 days after the 90 days have expired.

After 90 days, you are free to extend your co-operation with us or find another partner. However, the performance guarantee is only limited to the first 90 days. The offer is only available to new customers.

If you do not qualify for the special programme, we will still support you with tailor-made strategies and account management. Please complete the configurator to receive a customised offer.

Apply for the performance guarantee

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